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Row Maker


The Row Maker creates planting furrows by simply pulling the tool through worked soil. Creates perfect planting furrows for planting vegetable seed or putting in transplants like onions, tomatoes or peppers.



Save time and energy with this simple, yet effective garden tool. The Row Maker creates perfect planting furrows for vegetable transplants in your garden. Just pull the tool through cultivated soil and the steel spades will do the work for you. Use the Row Maker to mark one row or up to four rows at a time. Includes a hardwood handle, powder-coated steel frame and four steel furrowing spades. Great for planting any transplant crop like onions, tomatoes, peppers or eggplant. Have perfectly spaced rows and consistent plant depth with this simple, yet extremely effective tool.

The Row Maker frame is built to last a lifetime with 1/4", powder coated steel. The steel frame has 6 holes for arranging the spades in a limitless number of row spacing combinations. Easily change the distance of the spades by loosening and removing a small wing nut. The 54" hardwood handle attaches to the frame with the U-bolts provided. The steel spades dig a furrow to a maximum depth of approximately 5 1/2" deep, depending on the density of your garden soil.

Row Maker Spacing Options

- Using 4 spades

  • 4 rows, 1 ft. apart
  • 2 double rows, 6 in. apart

- Using 3 spades

  • 3 rows, 6 in. or 1 ft. apart

- Using 2 spades

  • 2 rows, 6 in., 1 ft, 1.5 ft., 2 ft., 2.5 ft. or 3 ft. apart