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Onion Planting

Hoss Tools provides American-made, professional quality wheel hoes, attachments and garden tools.

We’re as passionate about our products as you are about your garden or farm. Request a catalog, view our videos or visit our online store to learn more about our top-notch tools and supplies.

Only $19.99!!! 5” General Purpose Hoe or Section Hoe. Strong, yet lightweight hoes with sharp cutting edges used for weeding and laying off rows.

  • row_maker5

    Onion Planting

    We ordered a couple of onion sets from Dixondale Onions late last year and we received the onions in the mail a couple of weeks ago. We ordered one bunch of the Southern Belle Red variety and a Short-Day Sampler … Continue reading

  • beast1

    Beast in the High Tunnel

    We recently used our multi-row Hoss Seeder setup know as “The Beast” to plant three different crops simultaneously in our high tunnel greenhouse. We hadn’t done anything in the high tunnel since our Spring crop, so we first had to … Continue reading