Santo Cilantro


Santo Cilantro is a productive, bunching variety that’s slow to bolt. Harvested leaves make a great complement to any salsa or Mexican dish. Coriandrum sativum. 55 days to maturity.

40,000 seeds per lb

Santo Cilantro – 250 seeds
Santo Cilantro – 1/4 pound

Santo Cilantro is the preferred variety for market farmers and backyard gardeners. A member of the carrot family, cilantro enhances the flavor of salsa and many Mexican dishes. Santo is a variety that is typically grown for it’s leaves, but the flowers and seeds can also be harvested. Cilantro flowers are a great attractant for beneficial insects and pollinators. The flowers are also delicious as a garnish or addition to salads. Flowers are best consumer raw as they will lose flavor when cooked. Cilantro seeds, also known as coriander, can be harvested and used as a spice in many oriental dishes. Santo Cilantro is a slow-bolting variety, although it will grow best in cooler weather. It is a “cut and come again” crop that can be harvested multiple times throughout the growing season. It has an upright growing habit that helps to keep leaves clean and makes for easier harvests.

Cilantro may be direct-seeded or transplanted, although we recommend transplanting. If direct seeding, use a walk-behind seeder and plant densely along the row. We suggest using a modified #3 plate for planting cilantro seed. As always, seed plate holes should be modified to fit the size of seed being used. For large, full-sized plants, thin to one plant every 4″ along the row.  Transplanting is our preferred method of planting parsley. We recommend starting transplants 3-4 weeks before the desired outdoor planting date. Parsley transplants grow great in our heavy-duty seed starting trays, where they develop a solid root ball with roots that are trained to grow downward. Plants are ready to go in the ground when they can be easily pulled from the cells in the seed starting tray.

Santo Cilantro Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed or transplant

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Planting Depth: 1/4″

Seed Spacing: 4″

Row Spacing: 12-18″

Days to Maturity: 55

Disease Resistance: None


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