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The Push Pull Hoe is absolutely our favorite hand hoe! With its unique V-shaped design, this garden hoe allows you to weed more effectively and efficiently with a push-pull motion.


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The Push Pull Hoe has changed the game when it comes to hand weeding. Amish-crafted in Lititz, Pennsylvania, this hoe has quickly become our favorite hand hoe in the garden shed. The V-shaped head on the Push Pull Hoe allows you to weed with a push-pull motion which is much quicker and more effective than repeatedly lifting and impacting the soil with a traditional hoe. The hardened steel blade is sharpened on both sides which allows you to cut weeds in both forward and backward directions.

The sharp point easily penetrates any soil type to remove the most deeply rooted weeds. Push the hoe forward to cut a weed (root and all) from the soil, then pull the hoe backward to displace the entire weed. The Push Pull Hoe also works great as a scuffle hoe. The push-pull motion allows you to skim the surface and eliminate small surface weeds. This is the perfect garden tool for close weeding to delicate plants. The V-shaped head allows you to weed closer to plants than any other hoe without the risk of damaging your vegetable plants.

Push Pull Hoe and Drip Irrigation

If you use drip irrigation in your vegetable garden, the Push Pull Hoe is a must-have! When using drip irrigation, weeding close to drip lines and trunk lines can be a delicate issue. Because the Push Pull Hoe easily skims underneath the soil, you can remove weeds without having to worry about cutting into your drip irrigation lines. For those trunk lines on top of the soil, this garden hoe is ideal for sliding underneath the tubing to remove all the weeds congregated around the trunk line. Once you start using it, you won’t want to put it down!

Total length: 61.5″

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 7 × 3 in

10 reviews for Push Pull Hoe

  1. equal

    Apprеciate tһe recommendation. Will trу it out.

  2. Randy Jekel (verified owner)

    I ordered this Push-Pull Hoe on a Monday and got it at 6pm that Wednesday! “WOW”

    Immediately unwrapped it and put it to work on my garden, I was amazed.
    Called my wife over for her to try it and she knocked out the weeds & grass in one bed in a matter of minutes.
    I thought she may have trouble with it as she’s only 4′ 10″ tall, but that wasn’t an issue.
    After making her give it up so I could play I did the other bed and done in minutes. We spent less than 30-minutes weeding the entire garden! Amazingly easy to use tool.
    I even took it over to my neighbors recommending they buy one too. He has a very bad back & shoulder, after trying it on a small patch of yard weeds he had no issues.
    Seems to be a very well made tool that I’m sure we will get many years of use from.

    I “Highly Recommend the Push-Pull Hoe” simply a must have tool for a gardener!

  3. C. Copeland (verified owner)

    Total game changer. Really reduces the need to bend over to dig weeds. And so much faster than pulling by hand. Solid build. Definitely worth the money.

  4. Adam (verified owner)

    This tool is built very well and will last a long time. The price was fair. It works very well. I recommend buying 2 so you have one to get someone to help with the work.

  5. Jennifer Raiche

    Oh my goodness! This tool is AMAZING!! The people at HOSS Tools shipped quickly and I was surprised at how fast I received it! As soon as I put my hands on it I just HAD to go try it out! So there I was at 11:00 in FLORIDA, laughing and hacking at the weeds that I had let grow up in the garden. 😂 i found that it slides through the soil easily where I had previously tilled/planted. When I used it in between my raised beds, where it was packed down from walking and pulling wagons, it was a little more difficult but still worked better than a standard garden hoe and WAY better than pulling weeds by hand! Definitely recommend this Push Pull Garden Hoe and will most likely be ordering another soon!

  6. Judith Gotwald (verified owner)

    I used to divide my large ornamental garden into six sectors. I’d weed one sector a day. With the push pull hoe, I weeded the entire 80×20 foot garden in about an hour. Love it!

  7. John J Fetko (verified owner)

    The push pull hoe does a good job of removing weeds. My only complaint is that I have to bend down a lot more than I expected to use it. I am not overly tall, right around 6 feet but I really have to bend down to get it to work right. Based on my experience with it I would only recommend it to a shorter user

  8. Tom Davis

    I have used this hoe for about 3 months and have a collection of “hoes” to choose from but this has become my favorite. I bought it to slide under the drip line and pull out weeds. It does that great and I am very pleased at how in general it slices under heavy weeds and pulls them out. This morning I weeded about 200′ of row in about 20 minutes with it. So many vegetables have shallow roots and it can stay over them while still getting the weeds. Seemed a little pricey at first but worth every penny. BTW, I am 6’4″ & 69 years old and do not have any issues with it.

  9. John P. Alvarado (verified owner)

    Pleased with my new tool for the garden. This is one that I will use often, Great for weeding and opening new areas where lawn exists. Solid, good weight, easily maneuverable with varied angles of use — a quality, useful tool.

  10. Pat (verified owner)

    The shipment was amazingly fast. The hoe is well built and lives up to its reputation. Love this tool! Well worth the price.

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