High Arch Wheel Hoe


The High Arch Wheel Hoe has a 15″ clearance that allows you to straddle taller plants for cultivation, weeding and throwing dirt to the middle of the row. Great for hilling corn or potatoes! Includes set of 4 Cultivator Teeth. USA MADE!

High Arch Wheel Hoe – High Arch Wheel Hoe
High Arch Wheel Hoe – High Arch Wheel Hoe + Success Kit

Our latest Wheel Hoe model, the High Arch Wheel Hoe, allows you to cultivate, weed and plow both sides your garden rows in one pass. The high arch has a 15″ clearance, allowing you to straddle plants that are much taller. The double wheels provide excellent stability during use, making it very easy to push and maneuver around your vegetable garden.

The High Arch Wheel Hoe includes an adjustable wheel-width setting so that you can control the distance between the wheels or attachments on the tool bar. This allows you to modify the distance between implements depending on the width of your row or plants. For example, you might desire a wider setting for cultivating lettuce and a narrower setting for cultivating corn.

This is the perfect tool for hilling or side-dressing corn plants. Use with our Plow Set to throw dirt towards the corn plants to create a mound around the plants. This provides more soil for healthy root development and also helps to prevent stalks from being blown down by high winds. Also use with the Plow Set for hilling potatoes as they grow, ensuring you get the best potato harvest!

High Arch Wheel Hoe Features

  • Made with 1/4″ steel
  • Powder-coated frame
  • 15″ steel wheels
  • Amish-crafted, steam bent handles
  • Adjustable handles to accommodate user’s height

Save with our High Arch Wheel Deal which includes 4 Cultivator Teeth, Plow Set and two 6″ Oscillating Hoes.

High Arch Wheel Hoe Options

The High Arch Wheel Hoe is compatible with the following Hoss Wheel Hoe Attachments:

**The High Arch Wheel Hoe is not compatible with our Disk Harrow or Drip Tape Layer Attachment.

Add the Success Kit

Our Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes everything you need to maintain your Wheel Hoe, change attachments and keep your blades sharpened. The Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes Boiled Linseed Oil for conditioning and protecting your Wheel Hoe handles, a 9/16″ Wrench for changing Wheel Hoe attachments, a Farmers File for sharpening attachments, and a medium grit Sanding Block for polishing and smoothing any rough spots that may develop.


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5 reviews for High Arch Wheel Hoe

  1. Like Story (verified owner)

    It’s a really good tool to work with. It’s heavy duty so I don’t have to worry about it breaking on me. Overall it’s a great product to have. Seems to work good for hilling and a little weeding.

  2. Luke Story (verified owner)

    Seems to be a very well made tool. Didn’t take long to put together. Seems to work well for hilling and some weeding. Great addition to the garden!

  3. Luke Story (verified owner)

    Shipping was really fast. Built it in no time and works really well. I have kinda a clay soil and seems to work well so far. Seems to be good for hilling and some weeding. I wish I would have gotten the double wheel hoe first to try it out, but still the buy was worth it to me. Like how it’s made in United States .

  4. Kenneth

    I have a dilemma and need your help to make a buy decision. I like the functionality of the High Arch Wheel, and the Drip Tape Layer Attachment, but both aren’t compatible. What is the best option package that you can suggest, without having to spend a fortune? I await your response. Thanks.

  5. Adam Goldsby (verified owner)

    I really like the high arch and has been very useful BUT due to the design which I’m not really seeing a work around or fix is how much it flexes. The flexing tends to make it walk a little bit off track.

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