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For years we have been carefully researching and curating everything you need to know about how to grow your own food and have a healthy, thriving garden. Regardless of your skill level, there is something here for you. From trellising tomatoes to the right soil conditions for big, sweet, juicy strawberries, HOSS University has you covered. 

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Get To Know Your Gardening Zone

Knowing which plant hardiness zone, or growing zone, you are located in is one of the first steps in planting a garden. The map helps to determine which plants will thrive in your area based on the average minimum temperates and average climate for that particular area of the country. Choosing plants that are not compatible with the climate for your area will cause a lot of frustration. For example, growing citrus trees in climates that get hard freezes and mild summers will likely not produce well. For a more exact zone location by state Click Here and enter your zip code.

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Tomato Growing- Everyone’s Favorite Vegetable or Fruit??

All About Tomato Growing Almost everybody’s favorite thing to do in the vegetable garden is tomato growing, but did you know tomatoes are a fruit! Tomatoes come from the ovary of a flowering plant, making it a seed-bearing fruit. Others like this that we usually classify as vegetables are eggplants and peppers. Tomatoes are a

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Reducing Your Weed Seed Bank in the Garden

What is a Weed Seed Bank? The weed seed bank is the amount of weed seeds you have stored in your garden soils. However, we want to eliminate the weed seeds in the soil because they can cause some serious issues in the garden. The contributions that we can’t control when it comes to weed

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What You Need for Your Vegetable Garden Plants

Essential Nutrients for Vegetable Plants When breaking down all the various essential nutrients that vegetable plants need in the garden can be hard to understand at first. However, the three major nutrients that plants need are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Nitrogen is important for the improvement of great stalk growth and productivity of plant fruits.

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