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For years we have been carefully researching and curating everything you need to know about how to grow your own food and have a healthy, thriving garden. Regardless of your skill level, there is something here for you. From trellising tomatoes to the right soil conditions for big, sweet, juicy strawberries, HOSS University has you covered. 

First Things First: Get To Know Your Gardening Zone

Knowing which plant hardiness zone, or growing zone, you are located in is one of the first steps in planting a garden. The map helps to determine which plants will thrive in your area based on the average minimum temperates and average climate for that particular area of the country. Choosing plants that are not compatible with the climate for your area will cause a lot of frustration. For example, growing citrus trees in climates that get hard freezes and mild summers will likely not produce well. 
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Planting Ambrosia Sweet Corn with our Garden Seeder

Pollination of Sweet Corn On this week’s episode, Travis is planting ambrosia sweet corn in the vegetable garden. Previously planted was crimson clover and Travis decided to let his chickens graze on the spot in order to clean out the area. When planting sweet corn or field corn you always want to plant it in

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Vegetable Gardening

Why Can’t We Grow Heirloom Tomatoes !?!

Although we love the taste, texture and beauty of heirloom tomatoes, we unfortunately are lucky if 1 out of every 10 plants makes any tomatoes each year.  Therefore we have settled to the point where we are happy if we simply get enough heirlooms for a couple of tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches.  Our ultimate enemy in the

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Keeping Your Garden Clean & Healthy This Fall

Why Keep Your Garden Clean and Healthy? If you are not a big fan of planting in the garden year-round, we recommend keeping the garden area clean and healthy instead of letting it grow up with grass and weeds every year. If you allow the area to grow up with grass and weeds every year

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