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Glaser Wheel Hoe vs Hoss Wheel Hoe

Hoss is Made in USA (Glaser is Made Overseas and has costly parts not included) Hoss has steel wheel, no rubber tire to dry rot and go flat (Glaser replacement tube for tire $12.95) All Glaser attachments will fit Hoss(Glaser replacement oscillating hoe mounting block-$38.00) Hoss does not need a mounting block Hoss has choice of steam bent or pistol grip handles Hoss 8” oscillating hoe cost-$24.99 (Glaser 8” oscillating hoe cost-$69.99) Hoss Retail Price $159.00 (Glaser Retail Price $399.00) Hoss Wheel Hoe also has oil impregnated bushings in wheel that make it easy to push. The tool bar is also ¼ steel and slotted on back for more versatility. Hoss Wheel Hoe Attachments
  • Hoss oscillating hoe has a 7000lbs. shear capacity
  • Tool bar is slotted on back for more versatility
  • Handles adjust for different height of operator
  • Oscillating hoe blade is 1095 high carbon steel
  • Plows can be used as a middle buster (furrower) or turned and used as a hiller (bedder)
  • Oscillating hoes have two mounting bolts
  • Cultivator teeth for working clay soils
  • Sweeps are adjustable and used for close shallow cultivation
To learn more about the Hoss Wheel Hoe and other gardening tools visit

Only $19.99!!! 5” General Purpose Hoe or Section Hoe. Strong, yet lightweight hoes with sharp cutting edges used for weeding and laying off rows.

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