Row by Row Episode 174: How To Extend Your Food Source

Tonight, Greg and Sheila talk about all things herbs and fruit orchards!! Expand your food supply! Start Small, Start Simple Herbs When growing outside, consider those herbs that are hardy and can handle changing of seasons/cold weather. Lavender and Rosemary. Consider how large they will grow when planting. If planting in a raised bed, keep

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Row by Row Episode 173: What You Need To Know About Cover Crops

Dr. Glen Harris with the University of Georgia is back!! Tonight, he and Greg get into the data behind cover crops, the importance of the organic matter, why you should be concerned with it, and much more! Research Project from UGA The study measures the biomass of four cover crops planted Nov. 1 and the

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Row by Row Episode 172: How To Be Successful Growing Garlic

It’s all about garlic!! A deep dive into the types of garlic, how to plant, best practices for growing, fertilizing, and more! Growing Garlic Nutrition and Health Benefits Garlic contains allicin, a sulfur compound with many health benefits: an ancient plant used for flavor, health, and medicine for 5,000 years with only a small number

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Row by Row Episode 171: How To Grow Onions In The Fall

Tonight, Greg and Sheila do a deep dive into everything onions! When to plant, how to fertilize, and so much more! The Right Kind of Onions Short Day Short-Day varieties will form bulbs with 10-12 hours of daylight and only need mild winter climates (Zones 7 and warmer). These should be planted in the fall for

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Tonight, it is Sheila’s turn to answer the gardening questions. She speaks on preserving, raised beds, and so much more! Even how she “puts up with Greg”. Ask a Gardening Expert Q & A What tips can you share for someone just getting started with canning and preserving their harvest? Find a mentor with experience

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Row by Row Episode 168: WHAT’S IN FERTILIZER?

We have a very special guest on the show, Dr. Glen Harris of the University of Georgia. Glen specializes in Environmental Soil & Fertilizers. Tonight, Greg and Glen do a deep dive into what exactly is in fertilizers. It’s time to plant cool weather cover crops and short maturing greens (Mustard, Turnips, Kohlrabi, and Spinach).

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