Row by Row Episode 194: Why You NEED This In Your Garden

We’re not talking just “flowers”, we’re talking pollinators. What are pollinators? Are they important? Why do we need them in the garden? What is the result of lack of or poor pollination in the vegetable garden, how does it affect the economy, and much more?! Join us tonight as we dig in! What Is A

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Row by Row Episode 193: Are You Growing The Right Seeds

Greg and special guest, Pieter from Seminis (a company that develops, grows, and markets vegetable seeds for the home gardener) do a deep dive into the seeds you should be growing this season! Discussing heirlooms and hybrids, the difference in parthenocarpic, monoecious and gynoecious varieties, pests in tomatoes, best practices for starting seedless watermelon varieties,

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Snap Beans

Bean Growing Guide

With the immense diversity in the world of beans, doing the research into the particular variety you are interested in and knowing its specific traits will you help you grow beans with ease. One thing you will come to learn is that beans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so knowing how to classify these delicious garden treats will come in handy when choosing your variety.

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Row by Row Episode 192: How To Grow The BEST Watermelons Ever

We’ve all struggled to grow watermelon at some point. Many of you may not even want to try and grow watermelons because of all the stories of struggle but we are here to tell you…it’s easy! With the right tools and knowledge, we will have you growing watermelons successfully! Types of Watermelon Seedless: Seedless watermelons

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Corn Growing Guide

Here in South Georgia and most of the world, sweet corn reigns supreme in our gardens as an excellent food source but there are other types of corn that are very useful too. One major benefit of growing corn is that despite your choice of variety, in most cases, corn has the same requirements for growing but gets harvested and stored slightly differently from type to type. This helps make fertilization, irrigation, and planning much easier from year to year.

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Top 5 Reasons To Plant Flowers In Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re planning your vegetable garden, don’t forget about the flowers! Adding flowers to your vegetable garden has a ton of long-term and short-term benefits from the blooms to the soil. Year after year in our gardens, we always make room for beautiful blooms. We’ve narrowed down our top 5 reasons that we always make sure and have flowers in our garden.

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Row by Row Episode 189: Top 7 Tips To Successfully Grow Okra

While okra may be considered a “southern thing”, it can be grown in most USDA planting zones. There are many benefits to adding okra to your “things to grow this season” list, okra is an excellent source of vitamins and it is one of the easiest things to grow in the garden. Most okra varieties

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Row by Row Episode 188: Direct Seeding VS. Transplanting

Whether you are a novice gardener or seasoned veteran, it is very important to understand the differences between transplanting and direct sowing. Advantages and Disadvantages to each method. A lot depends on both the vegetable and time of year. Direct Seeding Pros Some things don’t tolerate transplanting. Spinach, beets, carrots, peas are examples that like

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