How to Control Powdery and Downy Mildew in the Vegetable Garden

The Cucurbit Family Some of our favorite vegetable garden crops are in the cucurbit family which includes squash, cucumbers, winter squash, and summer squash. However, these cucurbit crops are the most susceptible to powdery mildew and downy mildew which are very harsh diseases in the vegetable garden. When temperatures start to rise up and we

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Row by Row Episode 136: What’s The Different Sweet Corn Genes?

Sweet Corn Genes: There are five different sweet corn genes that have very different characteristics from one another. When it comes to growing a standard sugary variety those are the oldest cultivars which in return makes them have the lowest sugar content (10% – 15%) at harvest. For sweet corn the lower the sugar content

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Simple Cherry Tomato Trellis

Saving Time with Cherry Tomato Trellising As the days are getting hotter and our tomatoes are growing taller, we try to answer the question of what is the most simple cherry tomato trellis. With cherry tomatoes having less foliage and smaller fruits, gardeners have more options on what they choose to support their tomatoes. Trellising,

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Row by Row Episode 135: Guide to Growing Seedless Watermelon Varieties

Seeded Watermelon vs. Seedless Watermelon How do you get a seed from a seedless watermelon? There is a little bit of science behind getting these seedless watermelons. As humans, we have one set of chromosomes from our father and mother which makes us diploid. In vegetables/crops, the seed itself is diploid. When you have 3

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Row by Row Episode 134: Growing Different Potato Varieties — Tips & Tricks

Guide to Categorizing Potato Varieties When deciding on which potato varieties to grow there are a couple of different factors that can play into your decision. There are three different categories that are based on maturity dates — early-maturing, mid-maturing, and late-maturing. However, like most other crops the maturity date is just a suggestion because

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Row by Row Episode 133: Answering Our Row by Row Viewer Questions

Rapid Viewer Questions & Answers This week the guys did a rapid Q & A session to answer some viewer questions from the previous Row by Row shows. The first question is wondering which attachments are better the sweeps or oscillating hoe. The oscillating hoes are tougher and work best in hard soils or thick

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Row by Row Episode 131: Our 2021 New Years Garden Resolutions!

2020 Garden Resolutions — Did we stick to our goals? Every year before the new year, Greg and Travis evaluate how well they did on their garden resolutions from the previous year and set some goals for the upcoming new year. Some of Greg’s resolutions for 2020 included not eating meat at every meal, let

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Row by Row Episode 129: Best Gifts for the Home Gardener

What Should I Get The Home Gardener For Christmas? Since Christmas is right around the corner the guys put together a list of ideal gifts to give the home gardener in your life this year. These gifts are ideal for any home gardener and won’t break the bank either. Don’t struggle any longer trying to

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