Row by Row Episode 203: What You Need To Be Doing In The Garden Now

It’s HOT down here in SW Georgia. We’ve been harvesting a lot lately and fighting the high temperatures but we are thinking about our Fall gardens and what we should be doing in the garden now! Garden Chores While chore lists may not be everyone’s favorite, this is one chore list that every gardener needs!

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How To Grow Okra From Seed

Okra is a great option for gardeners in warmer climates. They are surprisingly easy to grow and with just a few plants, can produce enough to feed your whole family. A major factor in starting your okra seeds is timing.

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Cucumber Growing Guide

From their prolific growth habit to the multitude of ways you can enjoy and preserve them, growing cucumbers should for sure have a place in your garden planning.

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Row by Row Episode 201: The DOs and DONT’s of Growing Corn

Tonight we talk sweet corn and field corn, what is the difference? When should you plant and harvest? How much should you plant for your family? Sheila gives us tips on the best way to preserve your corn harvest! Sweet Corn Vs. Field Corn Field Corn has been around the longest (for hundreds of years),

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Pepper Growing Guide

Growing pepper plants in your garden is a fun way to add a pop of color and spice to an otherwise simple vegetable garden. These prolific plants come in so many varieties and, more importantly, flavors that there are a million different ways to utilize these spicy treats.

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Row by Row Episode 200: How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

What is a sweet potato? Even though sweet potatoes originated from Central and South America (the same as potatoes), they are not related to potatoes. Sweet potatoes belong to the bindweed or morning glory family. Let’s do a deep dive into all things about how to grow sweet potatoes. How To Grow Sweet Potatoes –

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Row by Row Episode 199: Should You Be Using Drip Irrigation

What is drip irrigation? What are the advantages of using drip irrigation, if any? Are there disadvantages to using drip irrigation? Do you bury or not? Let’s discuss all things drip irrigation! What is Drip Irrigation? A method of nourishment to crops that involves controlling the amount of water and fertilizer applied across a specific

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How To Grow Peppers From Seed

Peppers are a long standing favorite among gardeners who want to grow their own food. They provide a bright pop of color, come in many many varieties and flavors and are usually heavy producers from just a single plant and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

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