Row by Row Episode 159: Ask A Gardening Expert

Garden Update Hoss Garden: There has been a lot of rain here in south Georgia, Greg has been cleaning out a lot of the garden to make room for the next crop. Greg still has the Jing Orange Okra growing, everything else has been extinguished except for the okra and cover crops. Greg is getting

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Row by Row Episode 158: What To Do With All Them Cucumbers

Garden Update Greg: Greg has started his seeds for fall in the greenhouse. He has a few different cover crops growing (Black Oil Sunflowers & Sorghum Sudangrass). Greg says that they still have their Jing Orange Okra coming in like crazy, this variety can get a little bit longer than the normal okra varieties but

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Row by Row Episode 157: Cajun Invasion

Joining us at the Hoss Headquarters is Wes Blair with Naked Hog Gardening, straight out of Louisiana it’s officially a Cajun Invasion tonight; Greg and Wes discuss life on the Homestead, the dirty tricks of gardening, pepper tasting and so much more. With “Homesteading” growing in popularity over the past few years, we take every

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Row by Row Episode 156: When You Should Plant For Fall!

When people think about farming and gardening, most of the time they think about the spring and summer months. The fall time of year is just as important for growing a garden especially with the prices of items in the grocery store starting to climb. One reason people don’t plant a fall garden is simply

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Row by Row Episode 155: Best Way to Preserve Sweet Corn!

Our corn is finally coming in and ready for harvest. This year we grew the G-90 corn for the first time. The G-90 is an Su, or standard variety of sweet corn, such as Jubilee and Silver Queen. The drawback of the Su variety is the lower sugar content. They only have about 9% sugar

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Row by Row Episode 154: Talking Tomatoes: What Did I Do Wrong?

Wayne Odom from Lakewood Farms is back at Hoss HQ to discuss all things tomatoes. With the season going strong, tomatoes are one, if not the number one fruit that everyone likes to have in their garden. The varieties are endless and have the potential to produce a heavy harvest depending on many factors. One

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Row by Row Episode 153: Homesteading: What Is It?

Homesteading Homesteading has been growing in popularity in the US over the last several years. But what is homesteading? One definition says it is “a lifestyle of agrarian self-sufficiency as practiced by a modern homesteader or urban homesteader.” We invited Jason from Cog Hill to talk about his homestead and a little bit about the

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Row by Row Episode 152: Where’s Hoss Going??

Our Beginnings Greg and his business partner at the time launched Hoss Tools in 2009 with our signature product, the Single Wheel Hoe. When Greg was around 15 years old he enjoyed gardening at home and his mother bought him his first high-arc wheel hoe to use. He used the tool often but found he

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Row by Row Episode 151: Herb Basics 101

Everyone knows what herbs are and what we use them for on a daily basis but these wonderful plants have more to them than just their flavoring properties. We spoke with Lauren Dorminey, the creator of Wild Herbs of Iolita (, about how she uses herbs and some of the lesser-known things about a few

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