Sweet Potato Growing Guide

Sweet potatoes are a root vegetable that is packed with nutrition. Sweet potatoes are typically a reddish-brown color on the outside and a pale yellow or orange on the inside.

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Row by Row Episode 235: Gardening In February

Tonight, we are discussing seed starting for February. It’s important to know when the last frost date is in your area, especially when you’re gardening in the cold of February, so that you can time when to start your seeds.

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Tobacco Growing Guide

Tobacco is a member of the Solanaceae or nightshade family. This family includes tomato, pepper, eggplant, Irish potato, and a number of other plants. Tobacco belongs to the genus Nicotiana, and almost all commercial tobacco is of the tabacum species.

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Row by Row Episode 234: New Irrigation Kits for 2023

Join Us! Tonight, we’re discussing our new irrigation kits for the new year of 2023! Let’s Grow Together! Raised Bed Irrigation Kit: Our Raised Bed Irrigation Kit contains everything you need to water your raised bed gardens in the most effective and environmentally friendly way. Drip irrigation allows you to use less water while watering

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Row by Row Episode 233: Tips and Tricks For Growing Potatoes

Spring Potato Planting                         7 Types of Potatoes: Russet  Red  White  yellow  Blue/Purple  Fingerling Petite Early, Midseason, Late Season Potatoes: Early Season Potatoes will get to full maturity usually in than 90 days or less. Midseason Potato Varieties will take 100+ days to mature.

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