Squash Pests

Row by Row Episode 143: A Comprehensive Approach for Managing Squash Pests

Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Squash Pests Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is defined as an ecosystem-based approach for long-term management of pests. These approaches usually include a combination of strategies that include biological controls, rotation, sanitation practices, and growing pest or disease-resistant varieties. This way of managing garden pests considers the life cycle and biology

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Row by Row Episode 142: FAQ: Using Drip Irrigation in Your Garden

Why use Drip Irrigation? There are several different reasons why we prefer to use drip irrigation instead of overhead watering in our vegetable gardens. One of the most important reasons for using drip irrigation is we are able to feed the water right where plants need it most — plant roots. Another reason for drip

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Row by Row Episode 141: Growing the Best Field Peas in the Garden

English Peas vs. Field Peas What’s the major difference between English peas and field peas? Field peas are more commonly known to be called either southern peas or cowpeas. In the South, field peas are a popular cuisine that most individuals grow in their gardens. However, in the North, field peas are not really popular

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Row by Row Episode 140: Best Way to Start a Local Community Garden

Why Start a Community Garden? For Farmer Fredo, volunteering at his son’s school was the first step in seeing the need to help others learn how to simplify growing healthier food. By helping out at Fredo’s son’s school he saw the need that the Department of Nutrition was trying to implement a system for providing

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Row by Row Episode 139: Using Indoor Grow Light for Seed Starting

Benefits of Using Indoor Grow Lights When it comes to growing indoors under grow lights there are many benefits that will make gardening easier for you. An important benefit is the quicker harvesting cycle that can be caused by using LED lights which enables you to change the daylight hours to maximize overall plant growth.

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Row by Row Episode 138: The Best Way to Control Tomato Diseases

Controlling Tomato Diseases There are a couple of different tomato diseases that can be very hard to control in the vegetable garden. However, if you know what causes these diseases and the symptoms behind them you can have better success with controlling and treating these pesky diseases. Depending on where you live you may experience

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How to Control Powdery and Downy Mildew in the Vegetable Garden

The Cucurbit Family Some of our favorite vegetable garden crops are in the cucurbit family which includes squash, cucumbers, winter squash, and summer squash. However, these cucurbit crops are the most susceptible to powdery mildew and downy mildew which are very harsh diseases in the vegetable garden. When temperatures start to rise up and we

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Row by Row Episode 136: What’s The Different Sweet Corn Genes?

Sweet Corn Genes: There are five different sweet corn genes that have very different characteristics from one another. When it comes to growing a standard sugary variety those are the oldest cultivars which in return makes them have the lowest sugar content (10% – 15%) at harvest. For sweet corn the lower the sugar content

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Simple Cherry Tomato Trellis

Saving Time with Cherry Tomato Trellising As the days are getting hotter and our tomatoes are growing taller, we try to answer the question of what is the most simple cherry tomato trellis. With cherry tomatoes having less foliage and smaller fruits, gardeners have more options on what they choose to support their tomatoes. Trellising,

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