Row by Row Episode 251: Controlling Spring Garden Pests

It’s NEVER fun when those pests attack the garden! We’re talking all about controlling spring garden pests, the larger organisms like insects and mites (although some of these aren’t very big at all) and pathogens, like the disease causing microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, and viruses in a two part series. The MOST important thing to …

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Row by Row Episode 250: How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

SWEET POTATO TIME !! One of our favorite things and easiest vegetables to grow in the garden and even in Mama Hoss’ raised beds is sweet potatoes. We’re discussing everything you need to know to have a great harvest this season, soil preparation, planting techniques, watering and fertilization needs, and much more! Let’s grow together and get dirty!

Row by Row Episode 249: Gardening in May

May has to be one of our busiest months in the garden and if you’re in the warmer growing zones, it is probably the same for you. Harvesting has started and we are already reaping the benefits of growing our own food. It is also one of the toughest on pests, tonight we’re discussing everything you need to stay on top of this month in your garden. Fertilization, pest control, succession planting, and much more is on the agenda tonight! Let’s grow together and get dirty!

Row by Row Episode 248: How To Grow Tomatoes

Hey Neighbor! We’ve got a great show tonight, Peiter from Seminis is back! We’re talking all things indeterminate tomatoes – debunking tomato growing myths, how to treat them, pruning tomatoes and so much more! Seminis is a HUGE player in the indeterminate seed breeder for the home gardener. Let’s grow together and get dirty, ya’ll!

Row by Row Episode 247: Growing Okra In The Garden

The biggest mistake we encounter from our customers is planting okra seeds too soon in the season. There are many factors in getting it right when it comes to growing lots of Okra, for instance, starting seeds at the right time, choosing the right variety, fertilization, knowing when to harvest, and much more! Join us tonight as we discuss one of our favorite things to grow and eat! Okra! Let’s Grow Together!

Row by Row Episode 244: Gardening In April

April showers bring May flowers! April tends to be such a great time to grow flowers AND vegetables. Join us as we discuss what you should be planting! We are reviewing what you should be doing in the garden this April as warm weather and rain starts to settle in USDA zones 5-10. Let’s Grow Together!

Row by Row Episode 243: How To Grow Sweet Corn

We get a lot of questions about growing corn, especially sweet corn, as it seems tricky and intimidating. HOSS loves growing sweet corn every year, and so we feel the need to talk about sweet corn and our best advice on growing it, like irrigation, transplanting vs direct sowing, in ground planting vs raised bed planting, etc. Join us and lets learn how to grow corn together!

Row by Row Episode 242: Pesticides in Produce

If you haven’t heard of the “Dirty Dozen”, listen up! Tonight, we’re talking about something that has recently hit the news within the last week and not everyone seems to be talking about it! We think this is information you should know. We’re talking about the top dozen vegetables and fruits offered in grocery stores that are contaminated with pesticides that are extremely common to purchase for most consumers. Is this data correct? Let’s find out together!

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