Row by Row Episode 197: How Much Food Should You Grow To Feed Your Family

Food is essential for survival. Could you survive if there was a food shortage, rising prices, and supply-chain issues? What can you do to be ready? Sheila and Greg discuss how you can prepare for a family, ways to preserve, why you should preserve, and what the latest is on the food shortage.

Is There A Food Shortage?

Price of wheat up 51%, Price of corn up 20% Supply chain still not recovered from Pandemic, US only imports 20% of its overall food supply from other countries, but due to the import of pesticides and fertilizers that help us produce these crops, a shortage could occur. Considering the rising price of groceries, the slowdown of production in meat packaging, failing farms, labor shortages, and political upheavals lead one to entertain the idea that food storage could possibly be on the horizon. The food shortage is centered around future crop production. You should always plan for the future.

How Can We Prepare?

Having a 3-month food supply is a great place to start. Start a garden, even if it’s small and indoors or in containers, start a garden! You should learn how to preserve food and raise chickens or other livestock.

Why Should You Preserve?

The question should be… why should you not preserve?

  • Save for later, extend the life of produce, capitalize on seasonal flavor, and know what is in your food, how food was grown, and how it was processed.
  • Save excess food, eliminate waste, save money, become more self-reliant, enjoy the flavor of foods you can’t buy in-store, and Share excess with others.

Ways To Preserve

A few ways to preserve excess harvests are canning, freezing, freeze-drying, fermentation, and pickling.

How Much Food Should You Grow To Feed Your Family

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