Row by Row Episode 160: Healthy, Sustainable Living With Microgreens


Throughout the last couple of years, Greg and Sheila have started trying to focus more on clean eating and sustainable living within themselves and their family, recently they have found that Microgreens is a way to benefit them all in many ways. Benefits:

Food Safety – you know exactly what has been put on your food. You do not have to worry about such things as an overdose of fertility, and certain pesticides.

Sustainability – knowing that you are not dependant on the stores or supply chain is something that creates a huge peace of mind.

Health – you won’t have digestive issues due to nitrates being sprayed on the foliage of your greens like you do with industrial farming.

Being Sustainable

There are many ways to be sustainable, outdoors and indoors. Canning and preserving fruits and vegetables is always a great way to be more sustainable from your outdoor gardens. Indoor gardens are growing rapidly in popularity, more young adults are growing in their homes and apartments. The Little Birdie Series tomatoes (Rosy-Finch, Yellow Canary, and Red Robin) are easy to grow in containers indoors or on a patio. Many of the lettuce varieties and herbs can be grown indoors using the Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit.


Greg demonstrates how to use the Microgreens Seed Starting Kit with 3 different microgreen varieties. You want to keep your germination temperature at 73 degrees, the “grow out” time is 75 degrees. There are certain microgreen seeds that you want to “soak” and some that you do not have to. A “blackout” time is defined as the time you broadcast your seed over the seedling mix, you want to cover the seeds with the 1020 tray for the proper amount of time for seeds to germinate.

Broccoli: No soaking required, Blackout time: 2-4 days, Growout time: 10 days, Yield per 1020 tray: 8-12 oz.

Sunflower: Soak seeds: 4-8 hours, Blackout time: 2-3 days, Growout time: 10 days, Yield per 1020 tray: 1-2 lbs

Peas: Soak seeds: 12 hours, Blackout time: 1-3 days, Growout time: 10-12 days, Yield per 1020 tray: 1-2 lbs

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