Wheel Hoe Manual


Replacement Wheel Hoe Manual for Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoes. Included with every Wheel Hoe purchase. Contains installation instructions and tips for all wheel hoe attachments.

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Our 32-page Wheel Hoe Manual includes assembly instructions for our Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoes. These assembly instructions include a detailed mapping of the hardware included and the tools required to assemble each model. You’ll find information on handle care and handle adjustment, including the range of handle height adjustment for each Wheel Hoe model.

The Wheel Hoe Manual contains detailed information for every wheel hoe attachment we make. The manual describes how to install each attachment on each Wheel Hoe model and suggestions for usage in different soil  types.

Attachments include:

  • Cultivator Teeth
  • Oscillating Hoes
  • Plow Set
  • Sweeps
  • Disk Harrow
  • Drip Tape Layer
  • Dibble Wheel
  • Seeder Attachment


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