Triangle Hoe


The Triangle Hoe is hand-forged and hand-crafted short-handle tool that works great for heavy weeding, incorporating amendments and making planting furrows in small-scale gardens. MADE IN THE USA.


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Our Triangle Hoe is hand-forged and hand-crafted by a 4th generation blacksmith. This short-handle tool is built to last many lifetimes and comes with our guaranteed lifetime warranty. This tool is made with high-carbon steel that is tempered and hand-sharpened. You couldn’t bend this thing if you tried!

The blade has a triangle shape with an extremely sharp point at the top of the triangle. The sides are sharpened as well so the tool can be used in many different applications. The Triangle Hoe has a wooden handle that provides a comfortable, soft feel in your hands. The curved shank design allows you work closely around plants with damaging stems or foliage.

The Triangle Hoe is a great tool for any small-scale garden. Use it to plant, weed and maintain your container or raised bed gardens. The blade may be used in many different gardening applications. The sharp point makes it the perfect tool for weeding and uprooting thick, grassy weeds like crabgrass or Johnson grass. You can also use it to lightly cultivate around plants for preventative weeding. Just turn the blade on it’s side and lightly scuff the soil to remove small, existing weeds and to prevent new ones from growing.

This short-handle tool is quite handy when planting seeds, bulbs or transplants. Drag the triangle head through your soil to make a planting furrow as deep as you need. This is ideal for planting elephant garlic, onions, shallots or any small transplant like broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage.

We recommend sharpening the blade and oiling the wooden handle on a yearly basis. The winter months are a great time to perform tool maintenance as things in the garden tend to be a bit slower in those months. Use our Farmers File to re-sharpen and hone the blade, and apply a generous amount of linseed oil to the handle. Oil may also be applied to the metal on the tool.

Triangle Hoe Dimensions

Total length: 13″

Handle length: 5.5″

Blade width: 3″

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