Topazio Garden Bean


Topazio Garden Bean is a stunning heat-tolerant bush bean variety that features dark green leaves and upright habit. The vigorous plant is classified as a Taylor Horticulture Bean and is known for its striking coloration and shelling ease. 67 days to maturity. Approx. 700 seeds per lb.
Topazio Garden Bean – 50 seeds
Topazio Garden Bean – 1 pound

The Topazio Garden Bean is a truly striking bush bean variety with straight and uniform pods that contain 7-8 grains. This heat-tolerant variety is classified as a Taylor Horticulture Bean and is known for both its beautiful red and white color as well as being extremely easy to shell. The Topazio is a vigorous plant that features dark green leaves and pods that are white with red stripes and have disease resistance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus.

In North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina it is commonly referred to as an October Bean because it tends to grow really well in those areas for a fall crop to harvest in the month of October. Another common name for it in the northern part of the country is a Cranberry Bean. While you can surely eat these fresh, the Topazio Horticulture Bean lends itself extremely well to shelling and use for dry bean storage in the winter. Often times growers will opt to plant this in the fall specifically to put up for dry storage in the winter, though they can also be planted in the spring.

Beans will germinate best once soil temps have reached 65 F or higher. The optimal germination temperature is around 77 F. Seeds can require 8 to 16 days to germinate, depending on the soil temperature. For continual production, succession plant every couple of weeks throughout the spring and early summer. Plants will drop blooms or cease production in the heat of summer. Subsequent succession plantings may be made in late summer/fall, as long as enough time is permitted before the first frost date.

Direct seeding is recommended. We suggest using a #6 plate on the Hoss Garden Seeder and modifying the hole size (if necessary) to fit the seed size. Beans should be planted relatively thick along the row and thinned to the desired spacing. To maximize garden space, consider using double-row spacing. For double-row spacing, rows may be planted as close as 6″ apart with 3′ spacing between double rows. For single row spacing, 2′ to 3′ spacing is recommended.

Topazio Garden Bean Planting Information

Planting Method: direct sow

When to Plant:

Fall harvest:  last week of July

Spring Harvest: after the last frost in Spring

Planting Depth: 1″

Seed Spacing: 3-4″

Row Spacing: 3′

Days to Maturity: 67

Disease Resistance: Bean Common Mosaic Virus

Seed Quantity

50 seeds, 1 pound


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