Temptress Sweet Corn


Temptress Sweet Corn is one of the first “quad sweet” corn varieties which combines heirloom flavor with modern sweetness. Bicolor, early synergistic variety with a strong disease package. Zea mays. 70 days to maturity.  Approx. 3,000 seeds per lb.


Temptress Sweet Corn – 150 seeds
Temptress Sweet Corn – 1,000 seeds
Temptress Sweet Corn – 5,000 seeds
Temptress Sweet Corn – 25,000 seeds
Temptress Sweet Corn – 100,000 seeds

Temptress Sweet Corn has changed the sweet corn game with the introduction of a “quad sweet” variety. Temptress is a synergistic variety which means it includes a combinations of su, sh2 and se genes. As a result, it can be planted alongside other varieties without worry of cross-pollination. This bicolor sweet corn combines heirloom corn flavor with improved, modern-day sweetness. Temptress Sweet Corn is a quick-maturing variety with solid emergence in cool soils for early plantings. Plants produce 8″ ears with a 2″ diameter and excellent tip fill. It has a strong disease-resistance package and a tight husk to protect ears throughout development.

Sweet corn should be planted in the spring after the last frost date. Sweet corn can be grown throughout the warmer months up until fall, as long as time is permitted for harvest before first frost. Succession planting is recommended with at least two plantings, one in early spring and one in late summer/early fall. Corn ear worm pressure will be greater in the warmer months, but this can be alleviated by applying spinosad to silks and tassels once they appear.

We recommend planting sweet corn using a walk-behind planter like our Hoss Garden Seeder. Once plants emerge, thin plants to 6-8″ depending on adequate irrigation. If drip irrigation is used, in-row spacing may be as close as 6″. If water is scarce, a wider in-row spacing will be necessary. For pollination purposes, corn should be planted in a square plot with rows on 30-36″ spacing. Planting a few long rows will result in poor germination and absence of kernels on the cobs.

Temptress Sweet Corn Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1″

Seed Spacing: 6-8″

Row Spacing: 30-36″

Days to Maturity: 75

Disease Resistance: Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus, Rust, Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Seed Quantity

100,000 seeds, 25,000 seeds, 5,000 seeds, 150 seeds, 1,000 seeds

1 review for Temptress Sweet Corn

  1. Diane (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness-this is the sweetest sweet corn I’ve ever had, let alone grown. We just barely cooked it and it was crunchy and juicy and just delicious. No idea how it will hold because it won’t last that long. Sadly, the chipmunks like it too, so we’re picking it all today.
    Against all advice, my corn is planted in 3’x6′ raised beds, 6″ apart with rows ~8″ apart, so 40-45 seeds (ish). I do not thin. I do it every year and it’s fine, I just water and fertilize more. But this year I missed a fertilization and several waterings, basically ignored it for 3 weeks. When I went back there it was light green and dry. Chilean nitrate and a good soaking later and it looked green and lush. I usually use triple 10 but Hoss’s Chilean nitrate is so much better-just get some. I also missed the window for hand-pollinating. Now, not all my ears are filled out and they’re a little smaller than what Hoss says, but-if I can do almost everything ‘wrong’ and get so many delicious ears of corn (some stalks have two), imagine what you can do if you do it right.
    I’m not advocating breaking all the rules but, if you think you can’t grow sweet corn, you owe it to yourself to try. I’d put this in a couple of planters and pollinate with a brush if I had to because for very little effort and not much space you can get your own outstanding sweet corn.
    Lastly, I am in Ohio Z6 and I planted this on July 4th. That’s 55 days. Look up Growing Degree Days. The warm weather helped so next year I’m planting it early for back-to back harvests and I’m probably going to sow some more tomorrow-you never know until you try.
    Get these seeds. Hoss has great stuff but they outdid themselves on this one.

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