The Sweeps are our most versatile weeding attachment for the Hoss Wheel Hoe. Includes a left and right sweep that can be oriented for many different weeding or cultivation applications. USA MADE!

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Our Sweeps attachment for the Hoss Wheel Hoe slices through the soil like butter to eliminate existing weeds and prevent new weeds from growing. Includes a left and a right sweep which can be set in many different locations along the wheel hoe toolbar for a wide variety of setups. The Sweeps attachment fits the Hoss Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoes.

Our Sweeps are made with a hardened, 3/16″ steel that is zinc-coated to protect from rusting. The blade is 7″ long and razor sharp when you receive it. The sharpened, hardened blade will slice through the hardest soils and uproot heavy weeds with ease. For best results, use at least once a week to keep weeds from getting larger than the small, threadlike stage.

This is our most versatile weeding attachment due to the many different configurations that are possible. The angles on the left and right blades are slightly offset so that they can be configured inward to overlap one another. This allows you to adjust the weeding path from 8″ to 14″ when the sweeps are turned inward similar to a hula hoe or stirrup hoe setup.

The blades can also be turned outwards for a straddle-weeding setup. This works great on our Double Wheel Hoe or High Arch Wheel Hoe. The straddle-weeding configuration allows you to straddle a row of small plants and weed both sides of the plants in one pass. You can easily adjust the distance between the sweeps for rows of plants that are wider than others.

Sweeps Features:

  • Includes left and right blade
  • 7″ sharpened edge on each blade
  • Black, zinc-coating for rust protection
  • Works with Hoss Single, Double and High Arch Wheel Hoes
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in

3 reviews for Sweeps

  1. Bud Jolly (verified owner)

    I love the sweeps as they make weeding the middle of the rows and next to the plants so easy. Three people that have commented on my weed free garden, and tried them out, have ordered a dual wheel hoe for themselves.

  2. Terry Sullens (verified owner)

    Great, this is my 2nd pair. I bought these so I don’t have to change sweeps

  3. Tim Inman

    I do not actually own these sweeps. What I do have (by shear luck!) is an antique set on an original 1927 Planet Jr. Hoss has copied that technology and bless them for it! If you’ve never tried one, please do. Set up correctly, they are nearly effortless – not much different than pushing a grocery cart. They are silent, they work, they make gardening a joy. Hoss’ plows fit my old Planet Jr. with only a little adjustment. Between the plows and the sweeps, it is a complete gardening joy. FYI, the plows cover and hill my first potato plantings and almost all new little plants set out. Reversed, with a space in the middle, they pull the dirt away from my onions when it is time for them to make bulbs. Wonderful old tool, and a wonderful modern reproduction of the idea and the tool. It gives it all a new lease on life. Thank you Hoss

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