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Our Small Garden Toolkit includes three of our most popular hand-forged and hand-sharpened garden tools. Includes the Garden Trowel, Crows Foot Cultivator and Batwing Hoe. Each is built to last a lifetime with a blade made of heat-treated, high carbon steel. Makes a great gift!



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The Small Garden Toolkit has everything you need for starting and maintaining a garden bed. The tools in this kit are all hand-forged, hand-welded and hand-sharpened by a 4th generation blacksmith in Missouri. The superior craftsmanship and quality of these products is guaranteed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Each blade and shaft is heat-treated, and the tang and ferrule design ensures maximal strength and durability. You won’t have to worry about these tools breaking or bending!

Included in the Small Garden Toolkit:

Garden Trowel

Our Garden Trowel has a deep convex blade that allows you to displace the maximum of amount of garden soil with each dig. Use the Garden Trowel for all of your potting and planting needs. Keep one near your potting bench to mix and scoop potting soils into your planting trays and containers. Also keep one near the garden for planting all of your vegetable and flower transplants. The high carbon steel blade is sharpened from the tip all the way up the blade to ensure maximum digging power for mixing soils and digging furrows for planting. The tip of the blade is ground to an extremely sharp point so that this garden tool can penetrate the toughest and hardest soils.

Crows Foot Cultivator

The Crows Foot Cultivator will quickly become your favorite garden tool for cultivating, amending and preparing garden soil for planting. Use the Crows Foot Cultivator for breaking up garden soil and bed preparation for planting. The five sharpened tines work great for incorporating compost, worm castings or any other amendments into your garden soil. The high-carbon steel tines penetrate and break up the hardest soils to condition them for planting. Each tine is bent by hand and heat treated to ensure maximal strength and durability. The long shank on this garden cultivator allows you to reach farther and cover more ground than garden tools with a shorter handle.

Batwing Hoe

Our Batwing Hoe has a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else! This is the perfect hand hoe for taking down the largest weeds in your in-ground vegetable garden or raised beds. The elongated front edge provides maximal chopping power to cut deep into the soil to remove the most deeply rooted weeds. The side blades provide a sharp, narrow surface for close weeding to plants. Also use the side blades for making furrows for seeding or putting in transplants. In addition to weeding, the Batwing Hoe works great for general cultivation or incorporating soil amendments such as compost and worm castings.

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