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We have pre-drilled and blank, customizable Seed Plates that fit our Garden Seeder and Seeder Attachment. Our Seed Plates are made of a durable, machinable plastic that makes them easy to customize for your exact planting needs. USA MADE!

Package (#7-10)
3/32" Blank
3/16" Blank
1/4" Blank
Metal Drill Template

These Seed Plates fit our Hoss Garden Seeder and our Seeder Attachment for the Hoss Single or Double Wheel Hoe. We offer 10 pre-drilled plates, three different thicknesses of blank, customizable plates, and a metal drill template for drilling equally spaced holes in the blank plates.

Our Seed Plates are made with a machinable plastic that is easy to drill for customizing plates. Seed size can vary depending on variety, so we always recommend calibrating the hole size to match the seed being planted. Holes should be large enough so that the seed can sit flat in the hole without touching the edges of the hole. If the hole is too large, multiple seeds will be planted at a time and this will also increase the likelihood that the seeder will jam during use.

Our 10 pre-drilled plates with corresponding thickness, hole spacing and suggested crops are listed below.

Pre-Drilled Seed Plates:

  • #1 – broccoli, cabbage, turnips, mustard and other fine seeds (8 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #2 – onion, small coated seeds (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #3 – okra, pelleted: carrots, lettuce, chard and beets (6 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #4 – small sweet corn, popcorn (4 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #5 – small peas and beans (6 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • #6 – medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn (4 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • #7 – radish, leek, asparagus, spinach (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #8 – cucumber, watermelon (2 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #9 – butterbeans, lima beans (2 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #10 – squash, pumpkin (1 hole, 3/16” thick)

Blank, Customizable Plates:

  • 3/32” thickness
  • 3/16” thickness
  • 1/4″ thickness

Metal Drill Template

The Metal Drill Template allows you to drill custom hole configurations in our blank seed plates. This tool will ensure that the drilled holes are equally spaced. Use a small drill bit to mark the locations of the holes, then drill the holes to the desired size for the seed being planted.


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  1. Bob Brown (verified owner)

    I drill blank seed plates to match sweet corn ,It’s great to have blank plates available at such a reasonable price!

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