Scuffle Weeder


The Scuffle Weeder is the perfect tool for shallow weeding to remove small surface weeds and prevent new weeds from germinating. This specialty garden tool is hand-forged, hand-welded and hand-sharpened to a remarkable quality that is made to last many generations.



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The Scuffle Weeder has a unique blade shape and blade angle that is designed for shallow, surface weeding and cultivation. Use this garden tool to skim the surface of your garden beds to eliminate small weeds and prevent new ones from germinating. Weeds are most susceptible when they are in the young, threadlike stage where they are barely visible to the naked eye. The Scuffle Weeder is the perfect tool because it allows you to perform shallow cultivation to remove these threadlike weed projections and prevent any new ones from germinating.

The Scuffle Weeder is hand-forged, hand-welded, and hand-sharpened by a 4th generation blacksmith in Missouri. This tool is made with a remarkable craftsmanship that is guaranteed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The diamond-shaped head is made with 1075 high carbon steel and ground to an extremely sharp edge on all four sides. This allows you to eliminate weeds and cultivate your garden soil in any direction — forwards, backwards, right and left.

In addition to being hand-forged, the blade and shaft on the Scuffle Weeder are heat-treated for superior strength that ensures this tool can be passed from generation to generation. The tang and ferrule design allows the handcrafted shaft to sit firmly into the comfortable hickory handle. You won’t have to worry about this tool every breaking or bending!

Scuffle Weeder Dimensions

Total length: 15.5″

Handle length: 5.5″

Blade width: 4.75″

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
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