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Marvel Chickpea is a cool-season, nitrogen-fixing cover crop that performs well when planted in early fall or spring. Deep tap roots condition soils. Dense foliage suppresses weeds and prevents erosion. Cicer arietinum.

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Marvel Chickpea – 10 pounds
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Marvel Chickpea – 20 pounds

Marvel Chickpea is a cool-season, nitrogen-fixing cover crop that can be grown in fall and spring in most climates. Also known as Garbanzo beans, chickpeas work great as a cover crop and are frequently used a human food source. They are frequently used in Indian and Mediterranean dishes to make hummus and other delicious treats. The dense plant structure provides excellent weed suppression and soil coverage to prevent erosion.

Marvel Chickpea produces a deep taproot that helps to break hardpans and condition soils for future plantings. It can be planted alone, but also works great when intercropped with Sorghum Sudangrass or Browntop Millet. We recommend planting Marvel Chickpea as as cover crop after heavy nitrogen-feeding crops like corn, brassicas or onions. Because the roots penetrate so deep into the soil, it can tolerate a light frost in late spring or early fall. Chickpeas usually flower 50 days after emerging from the soil. Plants are indeterminate, so they will continue produce vegetation even after flowering.

Marvel Chickpea can be grown in fall or early spring. We suggest planting in early/mid-fall with enough time for plants to establish before frost arrives. The seed can be broadcast and covered or planted with a precision planter like our Hoss Garden Seeder. If broadcast, we recommend raking or dragging the soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. This will improve germination and ensure you get solid coverage. As with all cover crops, it should be cut or mowed before going to seed to prevent any residual weed issues. Once cut, incorporate into the soil as green manure for best results. It can also be used as forage and works great as a component of a food plot mixture.

Marvel Chickpea Planting Information:

Season: Cool

Planting Depth: 1

Seeding Rate: 2.5 lb per 1,000 sq. ft.


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