Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer


Hoss Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer is a hydrolized fish formulation that will provide essential micro and macronutrients to your garden. Improve soil health and microbiological activity in your soil. OMRI registered for organic production.

Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer – Quart

Hoss Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer allows you to feed your garden soil while providing essential nutrients to plants. It improves soil health through the breakdown of organic materials by bacteria, fungi and earthworms. It also improves soil nutrients by adding nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and many essential micronutrients. Derived from rainbow trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this hydrolized formation is created without heat. This means that all the vitamins, nutrients and proteins are preserved throughout the process. The Native Americans used fish fertilizers for many years and it’s still a great way to feed plants today!

Hoss Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer is a liquid formulation that is easily to apply to your vegetable garden. It works great in our EZ-FLO Fertilizer Injector when being used in conjunction with a drip irrigation system. It can also be used as a soil drench to improve nutrients prior to planting. If not using a fertilizer injector, it can be administered with a hand-pump garden sprayer. See application rates below.

Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer Includes:

  • Total Nitrogen (N) – 2%
    • Water Insoluble Nitrogen – 0.3%
    • Water Soluble Nitrogen – 1.7%
  • Available Phosphate – 3%
  • Soluble Potash – 1%

Liqui-Fish Garden Fertilizer Usage Instructions:

Vegetable Crops: The recommended application for vegetables is 1 cup per 1,000 sq. ft. — four times a year. Your first applications should be during planting. The second is when primary leaves begin to show. The third is at the pre-blossom stage, while the fourth is just before harvest.

Compost Enhancer: Use 1/3 cup per gallon of water every 2-3 weeks.

Seed Germination: Let your seed sit in the solution of 1 teaspoon per cup of water.

Indoor/House Plants: For your indoor plants, simply apply 1 tablespoon per gallon every 2-3 weeks when watering.

Outdoor Plants: Use 1/6 cup per gallon of water every 2-3 weeks for shrubbery, trees and flowers. Apply until soil is saturated or until leaves are wet on both sides if used as a foliar spray.

Lawns: Use 4 gallons per acre mixed with plenty of water. Fertilize monthly during the growing season and once in the fall.

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