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Hoss Premium Seed Starting Mix is a lightweight, seed starting mix for starting vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings. Grow healthy transplants with strong root systems that will experience very little transplant shock. Naturally-made and ecologically produced. 8 or 16-quart bag.

Premium Seed Starting Mix – 8 qt
Premium Seed Starting Mix – 16 qt

Hoss Premium Seed Starting Mix is the most consistent seed starting mix for growing your own vegetable, flower, or herb transplants. Hoss Premium Mix contains a lightweight mixture of the best ingredients that promote exceptional root development; it is naturally made and ecologically produced with over 20,000 microbes.

The peat moss component provides excellent water retention, minimizing repeated water applications. The white stones of perlite ensure proper root ball drainage and increased air circulation around roots. This mix has more added benefits than most seed starting mixes.

Each bag of Premium Seed Starting Mix contains 8 or 16 quarts of premium Hoss seed starting mix. This mix works great for growing all vegetables and/or flower transplants This mix also works great for brassicas like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and kohlrabi. You can even use it for growing flower transplants of zinnias, sunflowers, and celosia (cockscomb)!

Hoss Premium Seed Starting Mix Contains:

  • Coconut Husk Peat – Proven, natural alternative to mined peat moss. Lasts 3 times as long & holds up to 8 times its weight in water.
  • Mastodon Peat – Harvested from an archaeological excavation in the Colorado Rockies, organic material that contains large amounts of humic and fulvic acid.
  • Worm Castings – Improves root growth, root structure and enhances the soil with microorganisms.
  • Dynamic Dressing – Chicken litter and sawdust biodynamically composted at temps over 140 degrees F.
  • Greensand – Ancient sand deposits with silica and potassium.
  • Dolomite Limestone – A slow-release source of calcium and magnesium.
  • Kelp Meal – Organic source of nitrogen and potassium. Stimulates root growth and helps reduce transplant shock.
  • Compost Tea – Adds beneficial aerobic organisms and helps to build a web of beneficial organisms and light nutrients.
  • Perlite – Heat-expanded volcanic rock that provides aeration and improves drainage.
  • Azomite – A natural trace mineral source derived from an ancient volcano.
  • Mycorrhizal & Bacterial Inoculant – 12 strains of symbiotic root organisms that increase nutrient uptake and water.
  • Dried Molasses – Feeds beneficial microbes and adds carbohydrates to enhance the flavor of fruits and vegetables.
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5 in

16 qt, 8 qt

4 reviews for Premium Seed Starting Mix

  1. Wanda Hughey (verified owner)

    Nice & fine; love all the perlite!
    Fall veggie seeds & calendula germinated in 2-3 days!

  2. David Dunagan (verified owner)

    Tried a lot of different kinds of mix over the years. Nothing beats this stuff. I would highly reccomend it for starting seeds. I’m 74 years old. Always listen to what old people say.

  3. Kim Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent, I love this a lot. I’m just starting my seeds and I love it.

  4. Todd Harrell (verified owner)

    This is really good qaulity seed starting mix. I used to make my own mix and would even sterilize it but still had issues with fungus gnats. I have yet to have a problem with fungus gnats or damping off since I have started using this mix and my seedlings have been very healthy. This will be my go-to seed starting mix for now on. And I honestly don’t believe you save a ton of money making your own mix if you are a backyard gardener like me.

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