Harris Model Parsnip


Harris Model Parsnip is a proven variety that has been grown in backyard gardens for decades. 10″ long roots with superb texture and flavor. Pastinaca sativa. 110 days to maturity. 85,000 seeds per lb.

Harris Model Parsnip – 350 seeds
Harris Model Parsnip – 1/4 pound

Harris Model Parsnip is an open-pollinated variety that is time-tested and sure to perform well in a wide range of growing zones. Plants produce 10″ long roots with a sharp taper and excellent flavor. These will produce longer roots in softer, well-drained soils. For hard clay or rocky soils, we recommend creating an elevated planting surface for best results.

Parsnips are a cool-season crop and will perform best when planted in the fall and overwintered for a late winter or early spring harvest. They are very cold hardy and can easily handle freezing temperatures. Just be sure to plant them early enough in fall to obtain some vegetation before freezing temperatures arrive. Parsnips should be harvested in late winter or spring before temperatures warm. As temperatures warm in spring, they can develop significant root hairs and become woody while sitting in the soil.

Parsnips are have a slow germination time, similar to carrots. In most cases, they can take 2-3 weeks to sprout after direct seeding. The optimal soil temperature range for best germination is 55-77 degrees Fahrenheit. We do recommend direct-seeding parsnips for best results. Sew seeds liberally, about 1″ apart, along the intended row. After seeding, keep the soil moist for 2 weeks by watering lightly on a daily basis. This will ensure adequate germination and a dense, healthy stand of plants.

Parsnips can be grown on double rows with drip irrigation in the center. To do this, bury a line of drip tape and plant a row of parsnips about 2-3″ to each side of the tape. The subsurface drip irrigation will allow you to easily keep the seed be moist during the germination process, and also easily feed the plants as they grow. Once the foliage is developed, it will shade the center of the double row and reduce the need for weeding around plants.

Harris Model Parsnip Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Planting Depth: 1/2″

Seed Spacing: 1-2″

Row Spacing: 18-24″

Days to Maturity: 110

Disease Resistance: None


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