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Our Hanging Grow Light Kit provides a 6400K, LED light source for growing seedlings or transplants indoors. Pulley system for adjusting height of lights as plants grow. Carabiners for hanging from any shelf or stand. Perfect for our 162 or 338 seed starting trays.

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Our Hanging Grow Light Kit allows you to grow seedlings and transplants anywhere in your home, office, or garage. The adjustable-height design makes it easy to raise the lights as the plants grow, ensuring that the lights are always right above the plants. This will prevent plants from becoming weak and leggy as they won’t have to reach for the light source.

The Hanging Grow Light Kit includes two, 6400K LED light strips that are 36″ long. These provide a bright white light source that won’t overheat and burn your plant foliage. Because they’re LED, they also have a 50,000 hour bulb life. These are the highest quality grow lights you’ll find!

Each kit includes two light rails that allow the position of the lights to be adjusted so that you can place them closer together or farther apart. Each light rail has 7 positions for setting the LED light strips. The carabiners allow for easy attachment to your hanging source and make these lights easy to move from one shelf to the next. The adjustable pulleys have an easy locking switch for lowering or raising the lights as plants grow.

This kit works perfect for lighting one of our 162 or 338 Seed Starting Trays, but can also be used with our smaller, 12 Cell or 24 Cell Seed Starting Trays. Just place the tray on a flat surface, and hang the lights from above. Once seeds germinate, lower the lights so they set just a few inches above the plant foliage. Continue raising the lights as plants grow, always keeping the lights a few inches above the tallest plant foliage.

Hanging Grow Light Includes:

  • (2) 36″, 6400K LED light strips
  • (2) Light rails with sliding, adjustable locations for setting lights
  • (2) Rope pulleys with carabiners for adjusting the height of the lights from hanging source
  • (1) Light connector cord to connect the power supply between the two light strips
  • (1) power cord with on/off switch

*LED lights made in China

3 reviews for Hanging Grow Light Kit

  1. Darrell Ferguson

    Don’t waste your money. I’m highly disappointed in this grow light. It states 7 row mine is only 5 row no instructions was with the light. The pulley’s are stiff and really hard to pull. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

    • hosstools (store manager)

      Sorry you are having issues.
      Please give us a call and we will try to help you. Ask to speak to Greg. 18886725536

  2. Diane

    The light is a great size and works well. My plants are happy. The light is easy to adjust with the pulleys. It doesn’t get hot and provides plenty of bright light.

  3. Nancy (verified owner)

    I purchased this kit but did not realize the stand was not included – not sure where to find a stand that will work with this.

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