Germination Mat


Our Germination Mat provides a constant heat source for germinating seeds in a greenhouse or indoor grow room. Commercial-grade and built to last a lifetime. Optional thermostat for controlling soil temperature. USA MADE!

12" x 5' Mat
12" x 5' Mat with Thermostat
21" x 5' Mat
21" x 5' Mat with Thermostat

Our Germination Mat is a heavy-duty solution for starting seeds in a greenhouse or indoor seed-starting room. These mats will keep your seed-starting soil temps warm, even when outdoor temperatures may still be too cool for optimal germination. This will allow you to get a head start on the growing season by having transplants ready to go in the ground as soon as outdoor temperatures allow.

These mats are made of heavy-duty PVC and provide even, constant heat to the bottom of seed starting trays and pots for superior germination of seeds. These work great with our 162 cell, 338 cell, 24 cell and 48 cell seed starting kits. You can use these mats with or without a bottom-watering tray. The mats are waterproof and can tolerate water draining from the bottom of the seed starting trays.

There are many advantages to growing your own transplants. First, you get to choose the specific varieties you want to grow as opposed to being at the mercy of what is available at the local hardware store. Secondly, you ensure that plants can be transplanted when they are ready, as opposed to planting root-bound plants that you often find at the big box stores.

Germination Mat Warranty

Mats and thermostat include a two year warranty and are available in two different sizes — 12″ x 5′ and 21″ x 5′. Additional mats and replacement thermostats are also available. These units are extremely easy to install and portable so you can move them from one room to the next. The mats are waterproof and each mat includes a 5′ cord and plug for 120 volt AC current.

RHT2 Redi-Heat Soil Thermostat:

  • 120 volts
  • 1800 watts maximum
  • Two outlets
  • 40°F to 100°F temperature range
  • Sensor 3 3/4″ long
  • 72″ long sensor cable
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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