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Our Garden Combo Inoculant will improve the nitrogen-fixation in your legume cover crops — winter peas, vetch, clover, winter rye and more! This 1.5 oz bag treats up to 8 lbs of seed and is easily applied to the seed by adding water.

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Garden Combo Inoculant improves the performance of vegetable and cover crop legumes by adding nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the soil. This 1.5 ounce package contains enough bacteria to inoculate 8 lbs of seed, and is ideal for planting a small plot of cover crops, peas, or beans. Apply using the slurry method, mixing the inoculant with water and then coating the seeds with the mixture.

Legume plants have the unique ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen by means of bacteria which live in symbiosis on the nodules of their roots. There are numerous species of these bacteria and each has the ability to nodulate different host plants. These bacteria have been isolated and separated into cultures prepared in a peat medium which can be used to distribute the bacteria over the surface of the seed prior to sowing. This distribution over the seed will ensure effective nodulation and thus the process of nitrogen fixation by the host plant.

An inoculant has selected strains of nitrogen fixing bacteria mixed with a peat humus carrier. The granular inoculant is sprinkled into the seed row of garden legumes. When the bacteria are deposited into the soil, they begin to multiply. As the seed sprouts, plant roots grow into the soil. Eventually the introduced bacteria come in contact with a plant root. There is an infection termed a “nodule.” The nodule is colonized by the bacteria and nitrogen fixation begins.

Benefits of Using Inoculants:

  • Fertilizer savings: Due to the nitrogen-fixing ability of legumes inoculated with rhizobia, the need for commercial nitrogen fertilizer is virtually eliminated.
  • Higher yields: All legumes have higher yields when properly nodulated, which increases total production.
  • Effectiveness of rhizobia strains: Rhizobia can become lazy over time and fix less nitrogen even though they remain good nodulators. Continuous use of fresh rhizobia will maximize yield benefits, as these rhizobia will out-compete the indigenous rhizobia for root nodulation.
  • Added nitrogen to the soil: Properly nodulated legumes add 55 to 300 pounds of nitrogen per acre to soil. The exact amount depends on effectiveness of the nitrogen fixation process, type of legume, length of time grown, soil nutrient levels, and the nitrogen already available.
  • Benefits rotated crops: Nitrogen provided by inoculated legumes grown in crop rotation helps boost yield and lower fertilizer costs for corn.
  • Economical and safe: Inoculation is a low cost way to ensure nodulation with the proper strain of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria for increased yield in an environmentally safe manner.

Using Garden Combo Inoculant:

  • Mix contents of bag with 4.5 oz of water and stir thoroughly.
  • In a bucket or large container, mix slurry with up to 8 lbs of seed.
  • Plant seed as soon as possible.

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  1. Ray & Carol Stanke (verified owner)

    Very good product, gives a very good germination

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