Francis Fundraiser Collection


The Francis Fundraiser collection includes some of Francis’s favorite sunflower varieties. Includes Teddy Bear sunflower, Marigold Sparky Mix, Autumn Beauty Mix, Sungold Dwarf sunflower.


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The “Francis Fundraiser Collection” includes many of our favorite flower varieties for interplanting in the vegetable garden or using to add beauty to any landscape. This collection contains sunflowers of all sizes and the Marigold Sparky Mix. Dwarf varieties are great for creating dimensional plantings with the taller varieties. The standard varieties typically reach 5-7 tall and the giant sunflowers can get as tall as 12′. Stagger the plantings for a beautiful layout of sunflower blooms. All proceeds will be donated to Francis’ Breast Cancer treatment.

Sunflowers have many benefits for a garden or homestead. They are great for feeding pollinators and attracting beneficial insects. They also work well when grown as a cover crop where they act as a soil-cleanser. Sunflowers may be grown as transplants in our heavy-duty seed starting trays or direct-seeded by hand or with a walk-behind Garden Seeder.

Francis Fundraiser Collection Includes:

Teddy Bear Sunflower – a popular sunflower variety known for its velvety blooms that attract beneficial insects and pollinators to the vegetable garden.

Marigold Sparky Mix – Marigold Sparky Mix is a French marigold mix with yellow, orange and red blooms. A cool-weather flower that naturally repels pests and attracts pollinators.

Autumn Beauty Mix – Autumn Beauty Sunflower Mix is a beautiful blend of orange, red, yellow and bronze sunflowers. Up to 20 blooms per plant! Great for cut flowers and attracting pollinators.

Sungold Dwarf Sunflower – Sungold Dwarf Sunflower is a double-bloom variety with plants that reach 2-3′ tall. Velvety, lush heads with petals covering the entire flower face. Great for containers or raised beds.


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