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The Farmers File is a double-sided, general purpose file for keeping all of your garden tools clean, rust-free and sharp. Works great on long-handle tools, short-handle tools and our Wheel Hoe Attachments.

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The Farmers File is a general purpose sharpening tool that is a must-have for any shop or garden shed. It works well on almost all surfaces including ferrous metals, iron bar, metal, plastics, stainless steel and wood. Keep your tools performing at their maximal potential by sharpening them with this hand file.

Also known as a “bastard file,” our Farmer’s File works great for honing edges on any type of garden or household tool. You can use it to reshape and resharpen long-handle hoes, short-handle hoes and our Wheel Hoe Attachments. We use it frequently during the winter months to clean and prepare our tools for spring gardening.

Our Farmers File has two sides — a single-cut side and a double-cut side. Use the double-cut side for tools and edges that have been abused and may have significant nicks or rust damage. The double-cut side will help to reshape the blade and create a smooth edge that can be sharpened.

Once smoothed with the double-cut side, use the single-cut side to hone the edge of the blade and get it razor sharp. Always use a file in a single direction. Never move it back and forth across the blade as this will significantly damage the blade.

Unlike other files that have a narrow handle, this file has a wide handle so it’s easy to grip and use. It has a hole in the handle so it’s easy to hang in your shop or garden shed. It also fits easily into your back pocket for quick access in the field when cutting cabbage, collards or other greens.

Farmers File details:

  • 8″ long
  • Single-cut and double-cut sides
  • Hole in handle for hanging
  • Available in single or 12 pack quantities
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