Drip Tape Layer Attachment


Our Drip Tape Layer Attachment makes it quick and easy to lay Drip Irrigation Tape with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe and Plow Set. Places the drip tape into the furrow and covers it in one pass. USA MADE!


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The Drip Tape Layer Attachment takes a two-person job and turns it into a one-person job! Easily attaches to the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe and allows you to lay our 1,640 ft. rolls of 8 mil Drip Irrigation Tape. We highly recommend using in conjunction with the Hoss Plow Set to bury the drip tape. Burying the drip tape keeps it upright with the emitters facing upward so that the water is directed toward your plants. It also prevents rodents from chewing into the tape, causing leaks and headaches.

Lay the drip tape in a furrow dug with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe and Plow Attachments along the line of your desired row. This allows you to plant directly on top of the drip tape, whether it be via direct seeding with the Hoss Garden Seeder, or by transplants.

  • Cannot be used with Hoss Single Wheel Hoe or the High Arch Wheel Hoe
  • Can only be used with 8 mil Drip Irrigation Tape. Doesn’t work with 15 mil Drip Irrigation Tape rolls.
  • Double Wheel Hoe, Plow Set and Drip Tape not included. For those items, see our Drip Tape Layer Combo.

Using the Drip Tape Layer Attachment:

The Drip Tape Layer Attachment includes two galvanized nails for staking the Drip Tape at the end of each row. The nail pushed through the drip tape and into the ground will keep the drip tape roll tight and ensure that the drip tape roll feeds appropriately. Push one of the nails through the tape and into the ground, then push the Wheel Hoe with the Drip Tape Layer Attachment down the row to apply the drip tape into the furrow or on top of the soil. At the end of each row, simply cut the drip tape with a knife and use the other nail to stake the next row of drip tape.


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 7 in


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