Drip Tape Coupling


The Drip Tape Coupling connects two sections of our 5/8″ Drip Irrigation Tape (8 mil or 15 mil thickness). Use the Drip Tape Coupling to repair nicks or cuts in a drip line and to lengthen a line by joining two drip tape sections.

Drip Tape Coupling – Single
Drip Tape Coupling – 20 Pack

Our Drip Tape Coupling allows you to connect two ends of 5/8″ Drip Tape. Use these couplings to repair a nick or cut in a piece of tape along a drip irrigation row. Simply trim and remove the nicked portion of the tape and insert the Drip Tape Coupling between the two cut pieces. Also use these couplings to combine two sections of drip tape for lengthening a row section.

Drip Tape Coupling Features

Our Drip Tape Coupling fittings have large ridges on the nuts which allows for easy and effective tightening of the fitting. The bright green color of the nuts makes it easy to see your drip irrigation connections while plants are growing in the field and it makes them easy to find when drip tape is being removed after crops are finished.

These drip irrigation fittings also include a long tape barb which allows more of the drip irrigation tape to slide past the sealing point. This allows for an improved seal between the two ends of drip tape, so you won’t have to worry about leakage between connections. To install the Drip Tape Coupling, simply slide the drip tape onto the elongated barb and tighten the bright green nut to create a strong seal that will hold for the entire growing season.

*When cutting drip irrigation tape to install onto fittings, it is important to cut a straight edge along the tape to ensure the best connection between the Drip Tape Row Start and the drip tape. We recommend using shears or pruners to ensure a straight cutting line.

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