Dramm 9-Pattern Sprinkler


The Dramm 9-Pattern Sprinkler provides a large amount of water in a small package. Has 9 different settings from half circle to square to rectangle. Can water up to 525 sq. ft. at a time. Lifetime warranty!

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The Dramm 9-Pattern Sprinkler combines durability, mobility and functionality to provide one of the best small-scale overhead sprinklers you’ll find. It has a small footprint but can water large areas up to 525 sq. ft. at a time. The die-cast metal base is powder-coated and built to last a lifetime. It even has a hook for easy storage. Because it is lightweight and mobile, this sprinkler is easy to move from one location to the next around the home and garden. It connects to any standard 3/4″ water hose and even has a metal swivel for easy connecting.

The Dramm 9-Pattern Sprinkler has a simple turret design that allows you to easily change watering patterns by turning the dial. It has 9 different watering patterns ranging from half circle to large rectangle and can water areas as small as 250 sq. ft. to 525 sq. ft. This is our favorite sprinkler for watering small plots via overhead irrigation. Although small, this sprinkler will deliver a significant amount of water in just a small amount of time. Once plants get larger, you can easily clamp it to the top of a block or board for elevated watering. This sprinkler includes a lifetime warranty against any defects that may occur under normal operating procedures.

Dramm Sprinkler Watering Patterns

  • Square
    • 575 sq. ft. coverage
    • 24′ x 24′ watering pattern
  • Rounded Square
    • 575 sq. ft. coverage
    • 24′ x 24′ watering pattern
  • Half Square
    • 250 sq. ft. coverage
    • 18′ x 20′ watering pattern
  • Rectangle
    • 300 sq. ft. coverage
    • 7′ x 42′ watering pattern
  • Narrow Rectangle
    • 375 sq. ft. coverage
    • 7′ x 54′ watering pattern
  • Outer Ring
    • 525 sq. ft. coverage
    • 26′ diameter watering pattern
  • Large Circle (pop-up spinner)
    • 300 sq. ft. coverage
    • 20′ diameter watering pattern
  • Small Circle
    • 525 sq. ft. coverage
    • 26′ diameter watering pattern
  • Half Circle
    • 250 sq. ft. coverage
    • 16′ diameter watering pattern
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in


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