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Use the Disk Harrow attachment on the Hoss Single and Double Wheel Hoe to cultivate before planting and to keep weeds under control after planting. Easily change the angle of the concave disks to alter the degree of cultivation. USA MADE!

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The Disk Harrow attachment for the Hoss Single or Double Wheel Hoe has two sets of three, concave disks that lightly slice into your garden soil to cultivate, cut weeds and prevent new weeds from growing. The simple push pin design allows you to easily change the angle of the disks, giving you the option of changing the degree of cultivation.

Set the harrow blades straight forward for breaking up stems and soil clods, set them at a medium angle for general soil cultivation, or set them at a deep angle for moving soil towards or away from plants. When plants are small, use the opening between disk sets to straddle the row and cultivate both sides in one pass with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe.

This attachment is ideal for preventative weeding by lightly disturbing the soil. This will kill any new, threadlike weeds and go a long way to making your garden easier to maintain over the years. It also works great when planting cover crops. After hand-spreading cover crop seed, use the Disk Harrow to lightly cover those seed for better seed to soil contact that will result in optimal germination.

*Not compatible with our High Arch Wheel Hoe.

Disk Harrow features:

  • Constructed with a 13” harrow bar made of powder-coated steel.
  • Includes two sets of zinc-plated harrow disks.
  • Each ]disk has a 5 3/8” diameter and bronze bushings that allow the disks to easily rotate and cut through the soil.
  • Individual disks are spaced 2 3/8” apart with a 5” opening between disk sets.
  • Each disk set has 4 different directional settings that are easily changed by pulling and inserting the push pin.
Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 8 in

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  1. Bill De Young

    Fabulous surprise. I have used this to finesse an almost prepared seedbed; to stir in compost; and, to stir in broadcast seeds of cover crops. I am very impressed with the ingenuity of the design and it’s performance. The push pins are too tight for easy use. I substituted small bolts.

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