Chilean Nitrate Fertilizer


Chilean Nitrate Fertilizer provides a non-synthetic, natural source of nitrogen for your vegetable garden. Also known as sodium nitrate, this fertilizer is bagged in a dry, flowable form that is 100% water soluble. OMRI listed for organic use.

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Chilean Nitrate fertilizer, also known as sodium nitrate, is an organic nitrate nitrogen nutrient source collected from natural rock deposits found in the Atacama Desert in Chile, where it has been used by organic farmers for over 100 years. Chilean Nitrate is a natural, non-synthetic nitrogen source that contains many essential micro-nutrients, such as iodine and selenium, that cannot be found in conventional, synthetically-produced nitrogen fertilizers.

Chilean Nitrate fertilizer improves the nutritional quality of crops by increasing protein, albumine, amino acids, vitamin B, carotin and micro-elements content. It is 100% water soluble and may be applied in the dry or liquid form. Use it to side-dress crops in the dry form, or dissolve in water and use in our Fertilizer Injector to administer the liquid form.

Chilean Nitrate Fertilizer is an excellent nitrate nitrogen source for corn early in the growing season (4-7th leaf), as university research has shown improved corn yields and quality. Chilean Nitrate also can increase early harvest yields for many early season cole crops including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

Chilean Nitrate Fertilizer Application

For fruit and vegetable crops, feed every 10-14 days, liquid or dry. These nutrient applications are much more efficient when split into multiple applications at low rates. For dry applications, apply 3.5 lbs per 1,000 square feet. For liquid applications mix 0.5 lbs per gallon of water.


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