Onion Planting

For this year’s onion planting, we ordered a couple of onion sets from Dixondale Onions late last year. We received the onions in the mail a couple of weeks ago and were ready to plant! We ordered one bunch of the Southern Belle Red variety and a Short-Day Sampler bunch that included Texas White, Yellow Granex, and Southern Belle Red varieties. Based on our geographical location here in south Georgia, we must plant the “short-day” onion varieties. Because of our warm climate, we typically like to plant onions in November and harvest in early spring before we plant our warm-season crops. We are running a little behind this year, but it should be fine.

We went to the nearby dairy and picked up a load of manure to spread in the bed for our onion planting. We always like to amend our soils with compost at least once a growing season. Good compost or manure can alleviate many common garden problems such as diseases and fertilization issues in the future. We added the manure and worked it in with the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe. We then used the Row Maker to make four rows for planting our onion transplants. We will keep these watered and fertilize in a few weeks once they become well-established. Below is a video of the entire process. Enjoy!

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