New Vegetable Garden Plan

While the Hoss Jr. Fall Vegetable Garden on the other side of the county is in full swing, the larger garden area here at the Hoss Homestead has not been planted since spring.  We were so busy planting and maintaining our new exhibit at the 2014 Sunbelt Ag Expo, we did not have time to plant our usual Fall Vegetable Garden on the Hoss Farm.  The only thing we did to this plot recently was harrow the area with a tractor to work the soil and incorporate those dead and remaining spring plants into the dirt.  Then we got to thinking …

Because our vegetable garden design at the Sunbelt Ag Expo worked so well, we decided to design our home vegetable garden in a similar fashion.  For years and years we’ve gardened this plot in long rows stretching the length of the plot.  While this worked well for some crops, it didn’t work as well for others.  And while we had good yields, it made the area hard to rotate from season to season because there were no defined boundaries between different crops.  So now we are planning our garden to have individual plots that we can rotate crops amongst, making the garden itself more manageable and less susceptible to pests and disease.

Check out this video for all the details:

New Vegetable Garden Plan

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