NEW and Improved Hoss Wheel Hoe Sweeps

hoss-wheel-hoe-sweeps-1We’ve recently updated and improved one of our most popular Wheel Hoe Attachments, the Hoss Wheel Hoe Sweeps, to help you keep weeds under control in your vegetable garden. Weeding in a vegetable garden is a preventative practice. The easiest way to control weeds is to perform a light cultivation before weeds appear.

The previous version of Wheel Hoe Sweeps were made with a casting and were not already sharpened when shipped. With our customers in mind, the Hoss Wheel Hoe Sweeps have been redesigned with the following improvements to help you ‘Make Gardening Easy!’:

  • A higher quality, zinc-plated steel that’s easier to sharpen.
  • An extremely sharp blade that slices through the soil with ease, cutting out the weeds along the way.
  • A steeper blade angle for increased displacement of weeds that are cut.
  • More attachment holes so that a variety of configurations can be used.

hoss-wheel-hoe-sweeps-2Hoss Wheel Hoe Sweeps are packaged as a pair with a left and right Sweep. The left and right Sweep have slightly different angles so that the blades may overlap without touching each other. This allows you to adjust your weeding path width depending on your row spacing. You can overlap the Sweeps for a narrow row spacing or you can extend them completely for a wide weeding path.

hoss-wheel-hoe-sweeps-3Hoss Wheel Hoe Sweeps Configurations:

  1. Turn the blades inward (see top photo) and slightly overlap the sweeps to weed paths between rows.
  2. Turn the blades outward (see photo below) to straddle small plants and weed both sides of the plant with the sweeps in one pass.
  3. Attach one Sweep facing outward to cut weeds underneath the outreached foliage of plants.
  4. Use the Spreader Bar extension to further the distance between Sweeps or to extend the blade(s) beyond the tool bar of the Wheel Hoe.
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