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Crop Rotation: What You Should Plant After Beans

After you’ve read our Hoss University Bean Growing Guide and have your big harvest of pole beans, bush beans, or half runner beans, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next for that garden space. Here in South Georgia (Zone 8B), midsummer gets so hot that there really aren’t a lot of vegetables that we can grow that will survive the blistering heat and humidity. So by the time our beans get harvested, we use this opportunity to start planning for our fall garden. This is where crop rotation comes into play.

Corn Growing Guide

Here in South Georgia and most of the world, sweet corn reigns supreme in our gardens as an excellent food source but there are other types of corn that are very useful too. One major benefit of growing corn is that despite your choice of variety, in most cases, corn has the same requirements for growing but gets harvested and stored slightly differently from type to type. This helps make fertilization, irrigation, and planning much easier from year to year.

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