3 Methods To Storing Onions

Once you have read our Onion Growing Guide and have a big, beautiful crop of sweet onions, it’s time to store them for the long haul. The curing process can take several weeks depending on your zone, heat, and humidity level. The main thing

Onion Growing Guide

How to grow onions is a question that a lot of vegetable gardeners have undoubtedly asked themselves. The next inevitable questions is how to start growing your onions. There are 3 main ways most gardeners start their onions; from seeds, set, or plants. We have done the research and to have the most control over the type of onion you are going to end up with,

How To Grow Onions From Seed

Fill each cell in the trays completely with seed starting mix. Use your hands to pack the mix into each cell, saving some for covering the seeds later.
Place starting tray on bottom tray and lightly water from above to generously moisten seed starting mix. Repeat 3-4 times to ensure all of the soil in the cells are moist. Water should be dripping from the bottom of the trays.
Make an indentation

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