High Wheel Cultivator Review

High Wheel Cultivator

  • The high wheel cultivator is tall and awkward (feels top heavy and will waver from side to side)
  • The handles mount to the wheel (all the operators force is directed at the wheel, resulting in lost force and operator fatigue. The implement is just dragged along behind scratching at best)
  • Limited implement selection and versatility
  • Retails for around $139
  • Does fair for laying off crop rows in freshly prepared soil, but that’s about it

    Conclusion – The high wheeled cultivators are awkward to use and they achieve minimal results while burdening the operator. It is a tool that most often is purchased by novice gardeners.

Hoss Wheel Hoe

  • The Wheel Hoe has a low center of gravity (is not awkward side to side)
  • The handles mount to the toolbar (where the implement doing the work is located)
  • With Hoss Wheel Hoes, all the operators force is directed at the implement doing the work (not the wheel)
  • The toolbar offers more versatility (implements may be mounted in different positions for the task at hand)
  • Hoss Wheel Hoes include a better selection of quality implements (cultivator tines, sweeps, hilling plows, furrowing plows, and oscillating stirrup hoes)
  • Includes the added stability and versatility with the double-wheeled model, the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe
  • Retails for $169

    Conclusion – The Hoss Wheel Hoe is a joy to use. It is a premium tool that produces maximum results with minimal effort. (preferred by Master, Market and Professional gardeners that demand results)

To learn more about the Hoss Wheel Hoes and other gardening tools visit HossTools.com.

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