Growing the Best Onions Around Town!

Growing the Best Onions

It’s that time of year to be thinking about growing onions in the vegetable garden. When growing the best onions we recommend either transplanting or direct seeding. If you prefer to transplant plants you can grow onions in our seed starting trays for improved germination. The trays contain internal vertical root training ribs that improve aeration and root ball drainage that ensure properly germinated and growing transplants. When direct seeding you can use our walk-behind garden seeder with the #1 seed plant and modify the hole size to accommodate the onions seed size properly when planting. The seeder makes it quicker and easier to plant seeds without worrying about overplanting along the garden rows.

Planting the Onions

On this week’s episode, Travis is discussing different ways to grow the best onions in the vegetable garden. In the garden, Travis is getting ready to plant the Red Creole and Texas Legend variety of onions. Before planting onions, Travis has prepared the vegetable garden by using the drip tape layer attachment to lay tape along the garden rows and create a nice little furrow for planting onions. He plans on planting six rows of onion plants on a double row system in the garden. This means that along the drip tape he will plant on either side of the tape where the little furrows were established when laying drip tape in the garden. Another benefit of planting on double rows is you get better efficiency by saving space in the garden and maximizing yield. Travis is planting the onion plants around six inches apart to ensure they get plenty of room for growth. Once a week, Travis will use the Double Wheel Hoe down the middle of the rows to help control the weeds from being an issue in the vegetable garden. He also likes to use his Single Tine Cultivator to run in between the onion plants until they get big enough to shade out the area of weed germination. Since onions are heavy feeders they need plenty of nutrient inputs to continue productive growth in the vegetable garden. We recommend using the 20-20-20 and Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer to maintain solid root development and vegetative growth of onion plants in the garden.

Different Onion Varieties

There are several onion varieties that are hands down the best onions to grow in the vegetable garden. The first variety is the well known Texas Legend onions. This variety produces uniform yellow bulbs that have a mild to sweet flavor profile. Another well-known onion variety is Candy which is a hybrid that does well in a wide range of conditions. This variety produces a sweeter tasting onion that has round bulbs that are slightly flattened in the garden. The Warrior Bunching onions are a fast-growing variety that produces crisp nice green tops and overall easy to grow. This variety does really well when left in the garden to grow in return allowing us to get a longer harvesting window. Next, is the Savannah Sweet onions that are a Vidalia-type variety that has early maturity dates than other varieties.  While the Walla Walla variety performs great in the northern climates and contains a milder or sweeter flavor profile similar to Vidalia type onions. Another variety is the Sweet Harvest onions that contain higher sugar content and low pungency. This variety produces larger to jumbo size bulbs that are fairly bolt resistant during the late spring. Lastly, the Natsuguro Bunching variety has an extreme heat-tolerance into the warmer months and can be planted throughout the spring months while harvesting happens in the summer months.

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