Row by Row Episode 100: Best Memories from the Row by Row Garden Show

Row by Row Garden Show

To celebrate the 100th episode of the Row by Row Garden Show, Greg and Travis share some of their favorite most memorable moments from the show. Travis mentions that his first moment was when Greg harvested some Honey Select Sweet Corn that tasted terrible however Greg ate the entire bowl of corn. Another moment was when Greg and Travis did their tomato taste test show which is when they tried different tomato varieties and compared them to one another as well. While another memory was when the power all of a sudden went out during the garden show and the guys had to come back the next day to shoot the show. The last favorite memory was during this fall/winter when Greg and Travis had a debate on who grew the biggest and tastiest cabbage in the vegetable garden.

Giveaway Questions

For the 100th episode of the Row by Row Garden Show, Greg and Travis are giving away a box full of goodies to the three most loyal viewers that can answer all five questions correctly. The first question is how far apart in years and days are Greg and Travis. The second question is what year was Hoss Tools started and Travis gives a little hint that it’s an even number. The third question is what is the name of the heirloom winter squash that the guys are growing a seed crop of this year. The fourth question is what is the title of the most viewed Row by Row episode on YouTube. The last and fifth question is what is the name of the book that we carry that has Greg’s favorite pickled okra recipes in it.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, the guys celebrate the 100th episode of the Row by Row Garden Show. Greg has the prettiest crop of sweet corn he has ever grown, however, his field corn seems to be struggling right now in the garden. Travis showcases some of his Gold Star Squash which is a crookneck type and some of the Goldprize variety which is a straigtneck type of squash. He also mentions the new patty-pan varieties that are available which are Total Eclipse, Partial Eclipse, and Moonbeam Squash.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions about trellising certain crops, growing gourds, finding good quality compost, and when to harvest garlic from the vegetable garden. Although there are several different ways to trellis such as the Florida weave or Hortonova it can vary depending on what crops you are growing. Greg mentions that gourds are really fun to grow in the garden and we have multiple varieties to choose from such as Birdhouse Bottle Gourd, Bule Gourd, etc. Travis suggests the best way to find good quality compost in your area is by simply talking to other gardeners to see what they use in their garden. When it’s time to harvest garlic, Greg says the garlic leaves will start to turn yellow or a little bit brown meaning it’s time to dig them up.

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